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Video for Police Officers

Below is a video that appears to be for educating police officers about service dog laws and how to handle situations where either the dog’s partner or the business owner has called the police.

It’s a bit outdated, as the officer quotes the law as it was then in regards to service animals. There has since been a change to allow only dogs and miniature horses as service animals. They used to permit monkeys, but not anymore. I’m not sure why they vetoed the monkeys, because it seems to me that hands would be a useful feature in a service animal!  😀

The video is well done and portrays (presumably it is a reenactment) a disabled man in a wheelchair being denied access in a restaurant. I’m glad that some people do stand up for their rights and thereby the rights of all of us. I can’t say if I would have what is necessary to take it to that level under similar circumstances and  demand that I be served. I definitely wouldn’t enjoy my meal knowing that my presence was not wanted!

Please comment, I value your opinions! :)

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