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Varah Has Found Her New Partner!

We have found Varah’s new partner!  I will now tailor Varah’s tasks to best meet her partner’s needs as we take the time to let them get to know each other and learn to work together. We will do this part of the process slowly so that Varah does not get confused or upset.

Some of you who did not originally train your own dog will probably remember fondly the beginning of the relationship when you first met and began to work with your dog. That is usually an exciting time for everyone!

When it is evident that Varah is comfortable with her new friend, and shows signs of attachment and works eagerly for her, then we will begin the final transfer which will consist of an intense couple of weeks that we all spend together as the human partner is leashed to her new service dog while I supervise and give instructions on all aspects of living with a service dog and utilizing the tasks that Varah is trained to do for her.

So far they are hitting it off well!  🙂



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