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Note: This post is mostly for those who do NOT have a disability. Those of you who do have such challenges are of course very well aware of the limitations and frustrations involved.

I usually advocate that people visualize only good and positive things for themselves, but for the sake of illustration I would like for you to imagine that YOU were to acquire a disability that substantially limits one or more of your major life activities. It would be impossible for me to provide a comprehensive list of examples, given the variety of unfortunate possiblities, but for our demonstration I will use some common disabilities that most people are familiar with.

Suppose that you could not hear. (That can occur for a variety of reasons, you don’t have to be born that way) You can learn sign language to communicate, but door bells, normal alarm clocks, and smoke alarms are useless to you. You cannot hear your child or spouse call your name, and you don’t know when someone rings the door bell.

What if you could hire an employee whose only job was to stay at your side and tell you when your baby cried or to warn you if the smoke alarm goes off, and to wake you in the morning when s/he hears the alarm clock?

Or suppose that you have diabetes. (That can happen unexpectedly too) You have to test your blood sugar level throughout the day and night, but sometimes the levels can still become unexpectedly high or low, even though the food that you have been eating seemed appropriate for the amount of insulin that you had. You can’t always tell when it is happening, and the situation can be life threatening.

What if you could hire an employee who had a “magical” ability to know when your blood sugar was rising or falling and could let you know precisely when it was at a level that is getting unsafe, but well before it is too late to do anything about it?

Suppose that you could not walk, (Yes, that too, could happen to YOU) or perhaps even if you can move yourself from place to place, it’s too painful for you to bend over and pick up an object from the floor. If you drop your pen in the middle of writing an important document and can’t otherwise get to another one, you have to hope that you don’t have a deadline, because it is just more than you can handle to get down there to get it.

What if you could hire an employee whose only focus is to wait upon you to the best of his or her ability, picking up what you drop, fetching items that you commonly use, helping you with some of your clothing, or bringing you a drink or snack?

Further suppose that this employee is completely non-judgmental, unobtrusive, dedicated and loyal, and loves you with all of his or her heart and their greatest joy in life is to be beside you serving you as best they can. You don’t have to feel guilty that they have devoted their lives to helping you live a more full and normal life. You love them too, and together you make a great team.

Yes, of course I’m talking about a Service Dog.  🙂

Service Dogs are excellent “employees” who do all of those things and more, enriching the lives of their “employers” and allowing a disabled person to overcome some of the difficulties of living with a disability.

Suppose again that you could not hire this employee because your income is limited by the very disability that you need the employee for…

One last supposition – Suppose that YOU could make a difference in the life of someone who lives with the reality of a disability such those just mentioned?

Here is your chance to help someone who can’t afford the cost of Service Dog Training.

We’d like to help as many people as possible who suffer from disabilities and who desire the Assistance of a Service Dog. If you qualify or know someone that does, you can help by referring them to us and/or make a donation by clicking the Donation button at the top of the page. Thank you in advance…..

Please comment, I value your opinions! :)

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