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Varah and Her New Partner

Varah’s new partner is working hard to establish a good relationship with Varah, and Varah is responding well. We’ve been doing daily home visits for them to learn to work together, with lots of bonding time.

Varah is a fully trained service dog who has done a fantastic job mitigating my disability during the time that she has worked for me, and very soon we will be training her to do diabetes alert for her intended new partner. I have no doubt that Varah will excel at that task because she already understands the concept of alerting to my medical condition (which is NOT diabetes) and also does well at the general scent discrimination training games that we play.

In the next day or so Varah is going to have her first overnight stay, and in the meantime her new partner is preparing the scent samples for Varah to train with.

It’s an exciting time for all of us!  🙂



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