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What Prizes Would You Like To See in a Giveaway?

“Giveaways” are becoming quite popular these days, so I thought I’d get in on the fun and see how it goes.

This giveaway is just a really quick one to test how it works and also find out if enough people will play.

The prize this time is for a Service Dog patch for your Service Dog’s Vest, which is a simple but indispensable item. Besides, to some people, patches are like Pokemon – you gotta get ‘em ALL! 😀

I plan to have other and possibly more interesting prizes soon, if people show interest by participating in this giveaway. This first one is to sort of “test the water.”

What is your style when it comes to patches? Do you prefer just one or two which are “to the point” or does your Partner wear as many patches from your collection as you can artfully display on his Vest?  🙂

Please comment below on this post and tell me what kinds of prizes you would like to see me offer if I keep doing giveaways.

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Please note that if you choose to join the Mailing List, in order to be verified you will need to click the link in the email that arrives to make sure it was really you who signed up. Otherwise anybody could sign you up just by putting in your email address, and we wouldn’t want that, so it’s not official until you give permission by clicking the link in that email. 🙂
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14 Responses to What Prizes Would You Like To See in a Giveaway?

  • Carolyn hidalgo says:

    I like simple, easy to read patches that make my point

  • Kristen Sturgeon says:

    custom items collars, leashes, maybe a vest if possible, or toys, high value treats.

  • Annegelica G says:

    Some SD leather items, collars and leashes maybe. My dog is allergic to nylon.

  • Nicki E says:

    Things that are helpful in traveling with a service dog- whether it’s certain food/water bowls that work well for traveling, a hands-free leash that you’ve seen work well, a vest that works really well in certain situations, or other products that you would recommend (so even if we don’t win we can learn and gain from the giveaway). Other ideas would be anything that would be useful in training or caring for a dog – whether that’s certain brushes that work well, treat pouches, or other things that make life with a service dog a bit simpler. Basically any product that you would recommend that could be helpful and might be worth going out and buying.

  • I like simple patches. With big letters that people can see easily.

  • Thank you, please keep the comments coming, because they will help determine future prizes!

  • Jay H says:

    I love having lots of fun and unique patches. Westley has a cute patch that says Service Dog in Training and has a puppy sitting on a stack of books with a page of homework in his mouth. It’s adorable because Wes is going to college with me.

    Giveaway ideas include more patches, collapsible water bowls, training treats, bag to hold training treats, training aids, fun toys, etc

  • Bettie-Jeanne says:

    I use a SERVICE DOG patch on each side….never really thought about what else might be out there….but I am curious! I would like to know!

    About future ‘prizes’, I ditto Nicks E.

  • Jennifer Jeffery says:

    A collapsible water bowl is one of the most important pieces of equipment I have. Mine has a hole where I attach a carabiner so I can hook it to my belt loop or bag or even my dogs vest.

  • Janet says:

    This may sound a little silly, but we are always on the lookout for special clothes. For example, nova has a velvet dress for Christmas. With a slide on leash tag, she gets to dress up for a party, but still be identified as a service dog. Either could be a great prize.

  • Susan Howard says:

    I’ve been using the book to guide me through the process of training my service dog, and am finding the information very helpful

  • Jay H says:

    ServiceDogCoach, the post says that I won the drawing?

Please comment, I value your opinions! :)

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