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Good news for you and for me!

I have decided not to retire just yet, so I will be accepting some new clients, both paying and pro bono.

I’m a firm believer in “paying it forward” so I’ve always made it a practice to take a certain percentage of pro bono clients. I like the saying, “Helping one person may not change the whole world, but it can change the world for one person!”

Unfortunately, like most everyone else, I have only so many hours in the day, and more people are requesting my help than I can give proper attention to.

It saddens me to have to turn anyone away, and I’ve been searching for a fair way to choose between the many people asking for help.

I’ve decided that a good way to do this might be a random drawing. We won’t know until we try it, right? So, here goes!

This is my 30 Day Premium Package, and it includes 2 scheduled Skype or Phone Coaching Sessions per week, and 3 “emergency” phone calls per week which may be placed any time, 24/7, plus much more!

This means that the winner receives up to 4 hours of One on One coaching from me PER WEEK, and 3 of those sessions can be any time you feel you need them.

Join today, and even if you don’t win, I still help everyone on the Facebook group as much as I can, and the other members of the group are very supportive and helpful too!

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2 Responses to Good news for you and for me!

  • Nancy M Kachursky says:

    I am training 2 dogs, one for me as a balance mobility dog. He is a GSD and is almost 11 months old. He will be completing his CGC in the next week or so and starts his CGC advanced on 3/17/17.

    The other is our 21 month old GSD, He is already alerting my husband of low blood sugar, so I would like him actually trained for low/high sugar levels. He has his CGC, and will also start his CGC advanced on 3/17/17.

    I am taking both of them through your first book on your facebook page, We are on day 10.

Please comment, I value your opinions! :)

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